Serious Client Retention: How To Keep Your Digital Clients for 10+ Years

In digital marketing it costs 7 x MORE to acquire a new customer than retain an old one – learn how to retain your customers & make more money. On average a loyal customer spends 67% more! Learn how in this article.

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In digital marketing, client retention involves having loyal customers who continuously support your business by purchasing your goods and services over the years. Keeping your existing clients engaged in your services is a lucrative strategy. Existing clients tend to spend more money and are more likely to try your new products than new customers.

To keep your customers engaged, you must understand their behavior to serve them efficiently. Once you know how to serve them, you can take direct action to solve their problems with your specific services. Consider implementing these tips into your customer retention strategy.

Earn Your Clients’ Trust

Gaining a client’s trust involves a lot of listening to your paying customers. You want to identify your audience’s pain points and serve as the solution to their problems. Understanding your customers’ problems requires asking the right questions. You may conduct surveys of your target audience to learn what they need. You may even look at your competitors’ clientele and see where you can improve upon what they lack.

Once you identify your clients’ problems and understand how to resolve them, you must be swift with your corrective actions. Your responsiveness tells customers that you heard them out and listened to their needs. You want your clients to feel seen, so they continue supporting your business.

Transparency is another factor that helps you earn your clients’ trust. This strategy involves disclosing as much information to your customers as you can, leaving them no room for second-guessing that you are the solution to their dilemma.

Value Your Clients

Focus on the clients that support your business. Valuing clients is about treating your current clientele as your only paying customers, which is somewhat true. Why worry about clients that you do not have? Show value to your paying customers by going above and beyond with the services that you tailor for them. As the months and years go by, be sure to maintain the level of service you offer your clients to retain their patronage.

Consider studying the customer-valuing tips in Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service, a book by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Although this book’s original publication year is 1993, it features timeless techniques that remain as innovative today as they were back then.

This book highlights a simple, digestible story to help new area managers define their vision and learn what customers really want. It mentions that customer expectations are generally low because no one is doing as well as they imagine. So, you want to meet and exceed these people’s expectations and create raving fans for your business out of them.

Relatedly, valuing your clients will involve setting the right expectations. You want to be transparent with your current and future projects. Like earning a client’s trust, this strategy shows you value them by keeping them in the loop of what’s to come with your business. Transparency helps build anticipation among your clients.

With a clear idea of your goods and services, 

they can avoid second-guessing what they get from you. Be sure your existing clients know what to expect from your operations. 

Dedicate Your Staff to Your Clients

As a business owner, your staff is your most important connection to your clients. They are essentially your front liners, regardless of your industry. Your staff must be a team ready for success. In this case, the success that you want with your clients is to ensure they continue supporting your business.

As your main connection to your clients, you want to ensure that your staff members understand your clients. Depending on your business size, consider dedicating between 10 and 12 clients per staff. Setting limits on the number of clients your staff should handle allows your team to understand what your clients want and expect from you.

To implement this strategy, you must be ready to hire passionate people. You want proactive, determined, and driven staff members who are eager to help your target audience. A proactive team involves people who can remain relaxed when faced with dilemmas. As opposed to being reactive, you want your staff to control situations they find themselves in and effectively find actionable solutions.

It may be challenging to build a team that is dedicated to serving the people, but it is necessary to improve your client retention strategy. Consider establishing standards for what you expect from your team members when it comes to customer service, so you know who to get on board when recruiting.

Why Retain Staff

The strategies for retaining clients that we mentioned may be challenging to set up, but we guarantee that putting in the hard work pays off. Retaining clients is much cheaper than acquiring new customers.

Investing in strategies to get new customers is about seven times more expensive than keeping the clients you have happy. Essentially, you get to save more money by retaining customers.

Relatedly, Invesp statistics report that you are more likely to sell a product or service to an existing customer than to a new prospect. The probability of selling to a client you already have is between 60% and 70%, while the probability of selling to prospects is between 5% and 20%.

In addition to the great probability of selling to an existing client, loyal customers spend around 67% more on average. The combined high chances of selling and getting customers to spend guarantees more income on your end. So, consider keeping your best customers happy to ensure they continue supporting your business.

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