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At Little Big Marketing San Diego, our goal is to enhance outreach, get you more customers, and in turn, improve profitability. We do this by offering the best-in-class SEO consultants and experts in San Diego to all our clients. No matter how little or BIG our clients’ requirements may be, we make a point of ensuring that we put our best foot forward.

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Submit your site and contact details to receive your FREE site analysis, completed by our San Diego SEO Specialist. We'll run a full technical site audit to see what’s currently holding your site back.

Once our analysis is complete we’ll email you a list of the issues and a customized quote to fix the problematic areas. We’re here to help get your site headed in the right direction.

About Us

Proven Performance & Experience That Drives Results

Little BIG Marketing is a result-oriented digital marketing agency in San Diego that takes great care in hiring SEO consultants, executives and experts in San Diego. Our goal is maximum satisfaction via tangible results, which mostly includes leaving competitors in the dust.

We use tried and tested methods to help you achieve your goals (and then some). From on-page and off-page SEO to web design in San Diego, Google Maps marketing (Google My Business), Content marketing, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Ad campaign management, and more – we’ve got you covered. 

As one of the leading SEO and digital marketing agencies in San Diego, we’re ready to prove ourselves to you and to tell the world about you. Let our 8 years of experience work in your favor!


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Social Media

When you need social media management in San Diego, don't settle for less than the best. We've got the skills, the knowledge, and the years of expertise to transform your social media advertising. Learn more below.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in and others can be used to run extremely effective marketing campaigns. Social Media advertising is able to target specific audiences based on age, sex, location, interests, among others, and the media will place the ad in front of that demographic. This can often trigger clicks from people who had no idea they wanted the service. You can then interact and establish a line of communication with them usually becoming an instant customer or one in the future. The media also looks at a person’s previous interactions with ads and determines if yours is similar, then continue to show them ads they have been interested in before.

When done correctly using social media to advertise can be a good way to give your business a quick return on investment. 

We are a local company who specialize in Social Media Marketing San Diego! When you need social media management San Deigo, don’t settle for less than the best. We’ve got the skills, the knowledge, and the years of expertise to transform your social media advertising. Contact us today to get started.

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Our San Diego SEO experts create relevant & trust throughout your website to increase your awareness & positioning within search results. Our proven strategies generate more traffic, customers & revenue for your business!

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a direct role in the success of your website. SEO refers to the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website organically. Organic meaning increasing your online presence without paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy completed by SEO experts using your website design elements to present your website in search engine results at or near the top without the need for paid advertising. 70% of users click on a link in the organic section when searching for a product or service. 

However, not all websites are created equally in the eyes of Search Engines like Google.  It is important to engage a local San Diego SEO expert like Little BIG Marketing to ensure you are efficiently maximizing your online presence. We have a San Diego SEO specialist who utilizes proven SEO strategies that will increase your search rankings and separate you from your competitors. 

Not located in San Diego and looking for a local SEO Expert? Check out our friends for Austin SEO, Philadelphia SEO services, San Francisco ad agencies or SEO Equity for some of the best business growth you will find!

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Our San Diego PPC Management team create ultra-targeted digital advertising at the forefront for your ideal customer. Search, Social, Remarketing & More. We offer affordable Google Ads set up and management.

Google ads Pay Per Click(PPC) refers to advertising that charges a fee for each click it generates. There are different types of PPC advertising, but one of the most common is a paid search ad. When a potential customer searches for your service or product, Google will display these URLs above the organic search results on page one. Paid search ads only charge the business running the ad each time someone physically clicks on the link. Google ads can be a great way to often get a fast return on investment. Other PPC ads can be in the form of a display like banners, or re-marketing, which is a way to connect with a customer who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. 

Our Google Ad Agency San Diego utilizes a PPC advertising strategy that will you help you increase conversion rates, increase conversion volume, and lower your cost per conversion and therefore make you more money! 

We offer affordable Google Ads set up and management. Click below to find out more.

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Google Map Listing

We have a strong focus on San Diego Google Map Optimization, we are committed to placing your business in the top 3 listings. With a track record of success, let us take your business to the top today. Learn more about Local SEO in San Diego below.

A Google My Business profile set up correctly can help you stand out from your competitors! If your business doesn’t place in the top three, a potential customer may not even see your website unless they decide to click on through the results. This is usually very unlikely. 

Once your GMB is set up correctly it will start to show in the local Google Map Pack. The Google Map Pack displays a prominent visual representation of a map, along with the top three businesses shown directly beneath. This is a must have for any business who relies on local work, as the customer can instantly see the location of the business in relation to them as well as knowing the websites in the top three is exactly what they’re looking for.

Little BIG Marketing has a strong focus on San Diego Google Map Optimization, we are committed to placing your business in the top 3 listings. With a track record of success, let us take your business to the top today!

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Web Design

At Little Big Marketing we can help you accelerate your web presence online by creating a professionally designed website that is custom-built for optimal SEO results and your specific needs. Click below to find out more about our San Diego Web Design & Ecommerce services.

Website design and development is the building and maintenance of websites. This is the undercover work that makes a website look great, easy to use and navigate, whilst also ensuring high quality content and a seamless user experience. Website developers do this by using a variety of coding languages and programs.

Website design is critical as it determines how likely a prospect turns into a customer. A great web design must be balanced and include a variety of details, examples and explanations in the content. This shows the customer they are in the right place quickly. The web page must also be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and find the contact details.

As a local company we are passionate about helping local businesses succeed, so our focus is on San Diego Website Design. We can help you accelerate your web presence online by creating a professionally designed website that is custom built for your specific needs. 

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Brand & Logo Design

We are a local San Diego Logo Design company that you can rely on to design your perfect logo and brand kit. We work with you to ensure we create a brand and logo design that you love! Find out more about our brand and logo development services below.

Logo Design is an integral part of any business. It’s your brands first impression to an audience letting them know who you are whilst giving them a feel about what your offering.

It may not be feasible for an adults only company to feature a picture of a children’s cartoon, or an aeroplane for a plumbing company. However, sometimes a seemingly out of place image can be appropriate if it’s relevant with the overall fit out and design of the company. ie.  NIKE and the tick. The image became iconic for the brand and now speaks for itself.

This is why a well designed logo is imperative. It builds loyalty to your brand, distinguishes you from your competition, it’s what a client remembers, and it grabs attention making a great first impression.

We are a local 
San Diego Logo Design company that you can rely on to design your perfect logo and brand kit. We work with you to ensure we create a brand design that you love!


Stop wasting money on SEO companies that don't deliver real results. Regardless of your budget, the team at Little BIG Marketing San Diego will help grow your bottom line with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS. Call now to find out how we can help your business thrive!

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Step 2

We Measure Twice, Cut Once. The best strategy is determined, goals are set up, budgets defined, and more.

Step 3

The components of the approved strategy are then prepared. We set up prototypes and share them all with you. 

Step 4

With your go-ahead, the process of implementation begins. Any and all changes from you are more than welcome.

Step 5

We launch the campaign in full swing and with the help of our extensive past experience, make tweaks where necessary.

If you’re ready to see the impact of a different SEO agency that practices what they preach, let’s talk!

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We Offer Custom Packages That Scale With Your Needs, Helping You Thrive Every Step of the Way!

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Important For Your Business?

The days of the phone book are long gone. In today's online world the higher you rank in search engine results pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. Search engines use complex and powerful algorithms to find packets of data on any given server, and deliver to you the most relevant information in relation to the search term/s you entered.

This is done through an unimaginably vast infrastructure throughout the globe that collects and sends the data to your computer screen. All at near lighting speed! Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to your success. Proper SEO strategies will increase your search rankings and separate you from your competitors. SEO generates greater online visibility for your business, but offers even more benefits than just visibility. 

Strong SEO can pave the way for a memorable user experience. Little BIG Marketing is your local San Diego SEO Expert, our assistance with your SEO can help your business site attain significantly more traffic daily. 

Our top 5 reasons why all businesses should be investing into SEO:

1. Organic Search is the primary source of website traffic
2. Good SEO helps to build your Businesses credibility & trust 
3. Utilizing local SEO (Google My Business listing) results in increased traffic, leads & conversion
4. SEO is reasonably priced and offers good return on investment
5. SEO offers long term results!

If you’re looking for a San Diego SEO Specialist, look no further! We provide a full SEO analysis and ranking report prior to working together – because our primary goal is to increase your online visibility and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Contact Little BIG Marketing San Diego today to learn more about our game changing SEO practices. 

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Important For Your Business?

In the ever changing online world, the internet has allowed businesses all over the world to connect with customers they never dreamed possible just a few years ago. Advertising or marketing online is called Digital marketing. It has become more prevalent now than ever as customers are increasingly using the internet to find the services and products they need.

 The internet is made up of data servers all around the world that store ideas, knowledge, communications, marketing and millions of other pieces of information. It is passed around from computer to computer by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This new landscape allows businesses both big and small to advertise their products and communicate with customers across the entire globe fast and efficiently.

Most companies now have a website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business:- the list goes on. These tools can be almost meaningless if you don’t know how to drive them to their full potential.

Newspaper, fliers, TV and even word of mouth still have their place, but have become inefficient, and a colossal financial burden for companies looking to grow their business. Even if a business can afford these forms of advertising, they are often sub par to digital marketing when compared to the cost and return on investment of the campaign.

When done correctly, digital marketing is extremely effective as it is able to target audiences of certain demographics to present itself in front of potential customers who are already interested in the service being promoted. This makes for a minor financial outlay where you will likely have remarkably better results than old forms of advertising.

However, it is important that you choose a marketing agency who specialize in the digital field to get the best results and bang for buck. A combination of Website DesignSearch Engine OptimizationSocial Media and Google my Business will ensure you grow your business fast and effectively.

Our Little BIG


san diego seo expert for websites

If you’re wondering whether hiring a San Diego SEO expert for your website is worth it, or why it is so, here is a quick guide to help you out!

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If you’re wondering whether hiring a San Diego SEO expert for your website is worth it, or why it is so, here is a quick guide to help you out!

PPC advertising

If you’re looking to start your own PPC ad campaign then click here to learn more and start optimizing your campaigns today!

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